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New Personal styling and Wardrobe review By Shelley

New Personal styling and Wardrobe review By Shelley

Wardrobe review service - £150 for the initial 2 hours

Transform your wardrobe with a personalised review. Here ' s what you can expect:

Initial 2 hour consultation at your home : We begin by having a chat together to get to know each other better, discuss your style preferences, and understand your fashion needs.

Detailed Wardrobe Analysis: We will review each piece in your wardrobe. I will be asking questions like, “When did you last wear this item?” , “Why don ’t you wear it?” and “Why is this your favourite item?” to understand your clothing choices.

Can we amend or tailor any garments you have, to make them fit better? (we use an inhouse seamstress to do 1st class alterations at a favourable rate). We will go over make up/hair/footwear and accessory choices.

Shape & Colour Advice: Receive expert advice on which shapes and colours flatter you the most.

Outfit Curation: I will curate new outfits using your existing items, giving you more options and identifying any missing pieces that could complete your wardrobe.

What You ’ll Gain: An organised & Functional Wardrobe: You ’ll be left with a streamlined, organised, and functional wardrobe that you ’ll love wearing. Flexible Options: The wardrobe review can be carried out online or in person, offering you flexibility and convenience.

Personal shopping experience starting from £100 - London 

Initial meeting in store at Annabelle 87 (Mondays/Thursdays or evenings after 5.30): Starts with a relaxed consultancy session over coffee/tea to discuss your style preferences, body shape, and ideal colours. This helps to understand your unique needs.

Pre-Shopping: I will scout stores and pre-select items tailored to your specifications, ensuring all sizes are available and planning an efficient shopping route to save you time and hassle.

Also, if we can create looks from Annabelle 87 you will get a 25% discount off any full price items.

Style Identification: Identify your style personality, understand your body shape, and discover the colours that enhance your natural beauty.

Wardrobe Curation: Assist in creating your perfect wardrobe by adding new season pieces to revitalise your existing collection, or by adding missing must have items.

What You ’ll Learn: Brand and Store Knowledge: Learn which brands and stores best suit your body shape and style, making future shopping trips more efficient.

Shopping Confidence: Gain confidence as I guide you through the process, teaching you how to select pieces that work for you and different ways to style them.

The Q&A Monthly Stylist Retainer

For ongoing, personalised fashion support, consider my Q&A Monthly Stylist Retainer.

This service ensures that you have access to expert styling advice whenever you need it.

What’s Included: Links to Recommendations: Receive up to 5 personalised recommendations per month, tailored to your style needs and preferences.

WhatsApp Support: Send up to 10 WhatsApp messages per month for quick styling tips, outfit checks, or help with fashion emergencies.

20% off any full price items purchased at Annabelle 87.

Service Details: Price: £45.00 per month Availability

click here to purchase (per month can be bought per month or in block.

I will be at your service month to month, providing styling advice and support via WhatsApp.

With this retainer, you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you have a professional stylist on hand to help you navigate any fashion dilemmas and keep your style on point.

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